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How They Got Their Billions:

Exploring the Business Stories of Pro Football’s 32 Owners


Every NFL team is worth well over a billion dollars these days. While some NFL owners amassed their fortune through inherited wealth, oil exploration, and real estate, other stories seem more farfetched than fiction.


This book explores the different paths all of today’s 32 NFL owners took to acquire their fortune and team. There are stories of basement businesses, food trucks, shoestring budgets, and $2-a-night stays at the YMCA.


Equally as remarkable as the rags to riches stories are the tales of owners whose family rolled the dice early buying a team in an unproved league. As pro football became an American obsession, their wealth boomed in tandem.


Many believe winning starts with ownership. Being a great executive who turns a business profit is one thing, but winning games is a different bottom line. Explore how each NFL owner got their team, and look for connections between that journey and their team’s ability (or inability) to win.

Get the book on Amazon and contact Clear Contender Media to learn more.

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How to Podcast When You Aren't Tech Savvy:

A Clear-Cut Book About How (And Why) to Launch a Podcast


You don’t have to be “tech savvy” to launch a podcast. Persistence, patience and a little resourcefulness will do the trick. It's never been easier to navigate audio editing software and use a podcast hosting website. Today’s digital podcasting infrastructure is built for folks without tech savvy, and it’s all widely available for free.


Podcasting fanatic, author, and Clear Contender Media founder, Casey Callanan, shares his inspiring transition from Luddite to technology super fan while mapping out a blueprint to launch a great podcast in the simplest way possible. 

Podcasting and self-publishing are two incredibly powerful storytelling tools. There are tips and tricks sprinkled throughout the book to help easily and affordably spread your communications goals with these crucially important tools. See our eCourse based on this book.

Get the book on Amazon and contact Clear Contender Media to learn more.

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How to Self-Publish When You Aren't Tech Savvy:

A Clear-Cut Guide about How (and Why) to Publish a Book

how to self-publish.jpg

The days of having to play politics with the publishing industry’s gatekeepers are gone.


Self-publishing has never been more accessible (or affordable) thanks to a relatively recent burst of technological advances. While it takes patience to navigate the basic online tools to self-publish, you do not have to be “tech savvy” to get it done.


This book brings crucial advice for writers while providing a blueprint to self-publish in the easiest way possible.

Get the book on Amazon and contact Clear Contender Media to learn more.

Anxiety Relief from Online Bullies

Guidance to Fight Negative Vibes and Internet Trolls


Even the most accomplished social media-based entrepreneurs and stars have discussed wanting to quit everything after being trolled. The threat of an online bully is that real. An internet troll is a speed bump on the path to greater things. A troll (or the fear of one lurking) may stop others, but dealing with trolls successfully can make your eventual triumph taste that much sweeter.


When you create art on the Internet, whether its start a YouTube channel, blog or podcast, you expose yourself to a risk of being ridiculed. Nothing great will ever get done artistically without this exposure. You’ll gain dependable tactics in this book for overcoming harsh/unfair criticism and Internet trolls.


The upside to triumphing in the face of negative vibes on the web is endless. It could mean monetizing your social media channels, reaching a potential audience in the billions, and (most importantly) increasing your overall happiness.


Get the book on Amazon and contact Clear Contender Media to learn more.

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Altmetrics for Academic Faculty:

A Comprehensive Guide to Getting Tactical with the Tools of Altmetrics 


This book is about how (and why) to get tactical with the various tools of altmetrics—Twitter, Facebook for Business, YouTube, Podcasting, Kindle Direct Publishing, and much more—to bolster the reach of all the hard work that you are a part of in academia.


These tools help ensure your work and research will be seen by more people, and maybe even increase the likelihood of acquiring more funding for your research.


It takes more than just knowledge about how to use these tools to truly get the most of them—you must carefully strategize and plan out what you want to say, and when you are going to say it, as this book thoroughly describes. This book could be a key element in furthering your career in academia and increasing the value you bring to society. It’ll help open your horizons in communications and make your work more accessible and comprehensible to a much larger audience.

Get the book on Amazon and contact Clear Contender Media to learn more.

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