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A custom solution for your association’s podcast is here. Whether you plan to:

  • launch a new podcast,

  • revitalize a podcast that’s gone dormant,

  • or improve your existing podcast…

Association Podcast Studios (APS) has you covered.

Casey Callanan, MBA, started APS after successfully launching and growing several association podcasts.

Casey is the author of How to Podcast When You Aren’t Tech Savvy and strongly advocates for taking a careful, strategic approach to podcasting. When done right, podcasting can be a cost-effective, efficient way to engage your audience and grow your outreach.


Whether you are delivering member news, government relations reports, or repurposing existing content, we’ll work with you to carefully plan a content calendar and automate your podcasting. We'll find a custom solution to ensure you’re publishing great podcasts on a regular basis in the most automated way possible.


Contact us to learn more and see an outline of our services below. You can also read our Frequently Asked Questions.

Production Services
The Association Podcast Package 

We’ll work with you to develop a plan for releasing a new podcast episode on a regular schedule (weekly or bi-weekly).

Contact us for a free pricing estimate.

The Editing and Posting Package

Editing your audio can be a serious drain on your time. Make sure the job gets done right. Simply upload each recording and we’ll take it from there. Contact us for a free pricing estimate.

The Strategy Package

We will work with you to develop a Standard Operating Procedure (based on the technology you have) to record your podcast and a content calendar to ensure your team automates the process to get your podcast jumpstarted or streamlined. This will save you every possible penny and ounce of time and ensure you publish consistently. Contact us for a free pricing estimate.

Optional Add-On Features

Once you have a podcast you can efficiently repurpose it with the various add-on features we offer below. Don’t have a host in mind? Not a problem, we’ll help you with that too. Contact us for a free pricing estimate.

How does this work?

We will help you identify your podcast goals and plan the best approach moving forward based on the existing content and resources you already have. There may be written content you have now (blogs, articles, etc.) that can efficiently be turned into a podcast or repurposed into a voice over script. We’ll work with you to figure that out.

How long will it take to launch a new podcast?

Your new podcast could be launched and available in iTunes in as fast three weeks with the proper plan in place after our first consultation call.

How long does it take you to edit a podcast?

Please allow up to two days from the time a podcast is submitted for it to be edited and ready for publish.

How do we prepare for each episode?

With a podcast interview, you will interview a guest to discuss certain subject matter or news. We will provide you with a template to help you prepare for each episode. We can also work with you to find a podcast host or voice over artist to represent your brand and conduct the interviews or read a script for you.

What is the workflow process?

We will provide you with instructions about how to record the podcast with resources you already have. After you hit stop on the recording, you upload the audio file into a free Google Drive we will provide for you. Once you upload it, we take it from there and ensure it is properly edited, labeled and scheduled for publication. Soon it will be in Spotify, iTunes and all the podcast directories!


If I sign-up, how long do I have to commit to Association Podcast Studio's services?

You are free to cancel at any time, but we don’t recommend having a podcast that doesn’t last for at least one year. We’ll work with you to develop those 52 (or 26) weeks of content. 

Are there any unforeseen costs that will pop up that aren’t listed here?

We’re serious about making the podcasting process as efficient and cost effective as is possible for you. We will provide you with instructions for how to record the podcast with resources you already have.

You will also host the podcast somewhere (we recommend using Podbean, which is $12 a month). When launching a podcast, you should buy a license for music that plays in the background during the intro of each podcast. You also need a podcast logo or cover art. We will take care of the music and logo/cover art for you when you sign up for just one month of our Association Podcast Package.


More questions?

Contact us to learn more.

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