Why Every Podcast Beginner Should Use Podbean

Casey Callanan, MBA

Author of How to Podcast

When You Aren't Tech Savvy


September 5, 2019

(Please note that I do not accept any money from Podbean. I am simply here to express an objective opinion about what has worked best for me in podcasting.)


If you are new to podcasting you will need a service to host your podcast. This podcast hosting service is where you would upload each podcast episode and where you will get your RSS to submit to Apple Podcasts.


In this era of podcasting, I think you really only have four options for selecting a podcast host:


  • Soundcloud

  • Libsyn

  • Podbean

  • BluBrry


I’m also assuming if you are new to podcasting you might not be exactly sure if this whole podcasting thing is for you. Maybe you want to try things out on a trial basis before you make a purchase.


To get started, at least two of these hosting sites are free. The first five hours of your podcast will be free to host on Podbean. SoundCloud also offers you a couple hours up front to host your podcast for free, but I don’t recommend it over Podbean for a couple reasons.


First of all the annual unlimited hosting fee to use Podbean is slightly cheaper than SoundCloud.


You will have no issues getting your podcast into Spotify with Podbean whereas I have had many issues getting my SoundCloud-hosted podcast into Spotify. It’s crucially important that your podcast is in Spotify because after Apple Podcasts, it is the second most popular podcast directory.


Since you are a newbie I would recommend not going with Libsyn or BluBrry at first for the simple fact that you won’t be able to do any free testing with these services. Why not take advantage of a tool that you don’t have to open up your wallet to test?


Even though you are new to podcasting, one day you might want to sell advertising. SoundCloud has a reputation for unreliable metrics due to its longtime association with bots and “click farms.”


If you ever want to sell advertising on your podcast you must prove to the advertiser that people are listening to make this happen. That's why you need reliable metrics.

This is also why you need to have a premium account with podcast hosting services such as SoundCloud, Libsyn, Podbean or Blubrry.

The reliable metrics that you will get regarding who is listening to your podcast is one of the most valuable aspects of using these podcast hosting services.


These metrics will give you an idea of who is listening to your show, what part of the world they’re listening from, and what devices they use to listen. It’s really crucial for the advertiser to know these facts before they commit to paying you.


While monetizing a podcast is tough—it’s always something to think about as a possibility for you down the line. Make your podcasts authentic and grow that audience organically.


In my humble opinion, Podbean will get the job for you in the most economic way if you’re a podcast rookie, so make sure to test the waters with them before diving into a more expensive option. Happy Podcasting!

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Casey Callanan is the author of How to Podcast When You Aren't Tech Savvy and created a series of videos called How to Podcast When You Aren't Tech Savvy: The Course.
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