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Episode 1: Welcome to the Characters of Boxing Podcast

Learn about your host Casey Callanan and our mission in this first ever episode of the Characters of Boxing (and Beyond) Podcast. We're here to preserve the history of boxing and its larger than life characters. Each episode celebrates a unique (and often times obscure) character from yesteryear to keep their legacies alive.

My name is Casey and I want to welcome you to this podcast. Check out the first episode above and subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts. I've been kicking around this idea for years to launch this podcast as an outlet for storytelling. The goal is to bring you insight on the most interesting (and/or obscure) fighters and people involved in this business.

This podcast is hosted by Casey "Kid History" Callanan (left). Pictured with Justin "The Ugandan Destroyer" Juuko after a training session at Wild Card Boxing Club in Hollywood, Calif.

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