Episode 4: Harry Greb

The "Pittsburgh Windmill" Harry Greb (1894 – 1926) is the subject of today's show. This episode of the Characters of Boxing podcast came to fruition after host Casey "Kid History" Callanan watched the 2008 documentary "Tyson" on Netflix. "Tyson" profiles the tumultuous life of "Iron" Mike Tyson, and in this movie Tyson mentions Greb's toughness as an inspiration for him in the ring.

After some reading and research into Greb's life and career, Kid History discovers one of the toughest human beings that may have ever walked the planet. Greb is a truly one of a kind character and died way too young. We hope to keep his fighting spirit alive with this new episode of the Character's Podcast.

"The Pittsburgh Windmill" Harry Greb was one of the most ferocious fighters of all-time.

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